My name is Scott Hansford

I am a full stack web development student at the University of Washington.

spiderman reading
Searching Googlebooks with React!

Search, Save, Delete, or buy books!

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javascript drumkit
JavaScript Drumkit!

A fun drumkit built with JavaScript and CSS!

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asteroids game

The classic game, but in JavaScript!

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train pic
Cocktail Trivia Game!

A trivia game built with javascript!

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Lifx Room example
Internet of Things!

We connected a LIFX smart bulb's API to a Weather API to change color based on weather!

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Scotts hangman game
Hangman Game!

A few 80's movies I love from my childhood are the theme!

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blue crystal
Crystal Game!

A basic guessing game loosely based around the premise of black jack!

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blue crystal
Liri NodeJs command line app

A Siri knockoff for concerts,songs, and movies!!

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train pic
Train Timer

A train schedule app built using firebase!

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mySQL image
Bamazon command line app

A CLI storefront utilizing MySQL!!

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friendFinder image

A fullstack survey app built with Express!

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burger fixins image
Burger Maker!

A fullstack app built with Express,Handlebars,!

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clickinggame image
Clickity Clackity

A REACT image clicking game!

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